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Fresh From the Farm

Sending avocados last year to family in Cape Town led to people asking how they could buy affordable avocados. As a result we did trials in late February 2020 sending avocados, testing box strength and delivery methods. Early in March 2020 we launched Fresh from the Farm, shipping directly to the consumer.† We aim to bring farm fresh products to your door while making maximum use of the box and minimizing packing materials.†

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Our Range of Products
(Full box is 14kg)
R21.50 / 1kg
Avocado oil
Cold pressed in glass bottle
R74.37 / 250ml (VAT Incl.)
Macadamia nut oil
Cold pressed in glass bottle
R65.17 / 250ml (VAT Incl.)
Speckled Macs - raw
there is some colouration from the shell that has no impact on the taste
R198.90 / 1kg (VAT Incl.)
Pecan nuts raw
R270.25 / 1kg (VAT Incl.)
Out of Season
Full box is 8kg
R54.99 / 1kg
Dried mango
R110.70 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
Dried blueberries
R154.48 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
Dried naartjies
R96.98 / 250g (VAT Incl.)
Feez Beez raw honey
Glass bottle
R102.78 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
Dougs raw honey
in plastic bottle
R97.29 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
Dougs raw honey tub
R269.10 / 1.5kg (VAT Incl.)
Sausage Tree Cream
anti-ageing and skin-toning cream. Especially suitable for eczema, acne, fungal infections, sun damaged skin
R100.43 / 100ml (VAT Incl.)
Baobab & Lavender Vegetable Soap
Made from baobab, coconut, sunflower and avocado oils, essential oils & beeswax
R48.01 / 30g (VAT Incl.)
Lip Balm
raw beeswax, marula, coconut, sunflower, avocado & 100% essential oils
R40.11 / 15ml (VAT Incl.)
Insect Repellant Balm
beeswax, Marula, Coconut, Sunflower, Avocado Oil, & 100% essential oils
R52.82 / 50ml (VAT Incl.)
Patchouli & Rose Geranium Shampoo Bar
olive & coconut oils with caustic soda & locally sourced essential oils
R47.15 / 100g (VAT Incl.)
Power Healer Mu-Tea - Artimisia Afra & Leonotis
Organic, caffeine free loose tea. Both traditionally used to fight off colds, flue, fevers and respiratory ailments.
R42.42 / 40g (VAT Incl.)
Setsong Energizing
Chai Black Bush Tea (caffeine free loose tea)
R72.22 / 40g (VAT Incl.)
Setsong Calming
Red Root Tea | Orange, Ginger & Turmeric caffeine free loose tea)
R72.22 / 40g (VAT Incl.)
Setsong Detox Red Root Tea
Lemon, Ginger & Berry caffeine free loose tea)
R72.22 / 40g (VAT Incl.)
organic venison sliced biltong
Ivy Safariís Bushveld Bites - vacuum sealed
R185.92 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
organic venison droŽwors
Ivy Safariís Bushveld Bites - vacuum sealed
R180.17 / 500g (VAT Incl.)
Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy Transport Only
Order and pay the dairy on 0723610664 We will collect your order and pack it in your box.
R2.99 / 250g (VAT Incl.)
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